Healthcare Services

Experienced pharmacists will help choose the necessary drugs, and professional recommendations will save customers time. Medicines, medical products, beauty and personal care products, dietary supplements, medical equipment, and other categories of goods can be found in our pharmacy.

Free Drug Delivery

Don’t waste time going to the pharmacy – just order home delivery. We understand the importance of product delivery. When you buy something, you want to use it right now, especially when it comes to medications. Therefore, we process the order and send it your way as quickly as possible.

Typically, your order will be at your doorstep in 7 to 14 days. Please keep in mind that the average waiting time for delivery depends on the distance to the delivery point. However, in addition to the delivery time, there is also the cost of delivery. We believe that shipping should be free. Thus, we offer free drug delivery to our customers. Happy Family Pharmacy not only takes care of shipping but also offers you unbeatable prices.

Custom Packaging

Our experience shows that packaging plays an important role in getting the medications delivered to our customers in good condition. Thus, we have custom packaging that ensures your medications do not get damaged during the delivery process and securely reach the final destination point.

Our specialists carefully and properly wrap pills, liquids, and other products to protect the medicine not only from physical damage but also from biological deterioration. Our custom packaging allows us to deliver quality medication to every single customer.

We take custom packaging a step further and can help you or your caregiver stay organized when it comes to medication intake. If you have several medications ordered from us, we can create separate packages for your morning, afternoon, and evening drug intake. This way, you can just grab a package and know that all the medications for that time of the day are in that package and you do not have to go through several bottles, worrying that you can miss one or the other medication.

Compounding Laboratory

We know that premade medications might not always satisfy the unique needs of our customers. We want to serve our customers in the best possible way, which is why we offer compounding laboratory service. If one-size-fits-all medications typically sold in retail pharmacies are not an option, we can provide more flexibility by mixing, combining, or altering the ingredients to prepare a medication based on your individual needs.

This means that you can get a precise dosing of medication or have it in a form that is more convenient for intake. For instance, if you have swallowing problems, we can turn your pills into chewable tablets or liquid suspension that is easier to take. Please note that a prescription for compounded medications is required just like for regular retail pharmaceutical products.

Medication Synchronization

Medical synchronization has numerous benefits if you are taking more than one medication. Thanks to medical synchronization, you no longer have to worry that you will run out of one of the medications because you forgot to order it. You will also spend a lot less time ordering your medications as all your prescription refills will be done on one, convenient for you day. Most importantly this service helps individuals to adhere to their medication schedule and take care of their health in the best possible way.

How does it work? Our pharmacist will examine all your ongoing prescriptions and review the medications you are currently taking. They will align all your refills so you can have all your medications filled on a monthly basis or as convenient and allowed by law and delivered to you in one single package. You and your pharmacist will work as a team to ensure that your prescriptions are up to date, making sure that any changes are reflected in the pharmacy records.


We understand that no matter how affordable we try to make our products, not everyone can pay for them out of pocket. If you are eligible for Medicare federal health insurance program, you can use it to pay for your medications at Happy Family Pharmacy.

In some cases, Medicare might deny your prescription. It might be a simple error, which you can resolve by contacting the program. In other cases, you might need to call your insurance representative to give prior authorization to have a specific medication covered. There are also other reasons, such as quantity limits and drugs simply not being on the plan’s list of covered medications. If you are not sure if your prescription is covered by your health insurance, please contact its representatives.