FAQ Section

Have you ever had a question about the work of our online pharmacy? We hope not, but if you do have questions, here are some of the most frequently asked!

Why is there a delay when I order?

We have no control over the time it takes between your order placing and the dispatch of your goods. Quite a lot depends on our suppliers. The delivery method we use can take anywhere from 1 to 2 business days (that’s usually pretty quick, but not always!) to deliver the goods to you. We have no control over the time of your chosen delivery method. Whether it’s a standard or an express delivery, we cannot fully control the whole process. Sometimes it depends on the delivery agency, and sometimes, on the period of the delivery. Celebrations and holidays often interfere with our plans.

How can I check when my order will be shipped?

Our products are shipped from our warehouses at different times, depending on availability. Therefore, we cannot provide an estimated shipping date before payment is received. However, if you require a tracking number for your order, please contact us via email or phone, and we will be able to give you this information. If you require a tracking number for your order, please contact us via email or phone

If I cancel my order, can I get a refund?

Once an order has been placed we cannot cancel it and return the money to you. However, if there is a problem with the delivery of your order (it usually means that the courier company has not delivered the goods to our warehouses) then after 24 hours we will contact you. If we do not hear from you within 3 days (we will always contact you), then the order will be automatically canceled, and the money will be returned to you.

What is a Certificate of Analysis?

A certificate of analysis (COA) is a document issued by a laboratory that confirms the chemical identity and purity of a substance. Our COAs are provided for all our products, which includes every single batch number we sell. We provide COAs for all our products, which includes every single batch number we sell.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Like many other websites, we do not always offer refunds on products sold if the customer is not completely satisfied with them. If the goods are faulty, or if they do not perform as described online, then you can return them within 7 days of receipt and we will refund you the cost of your order.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes – we ship to almost every country in the world! The only countries we do not ship to have been blacklisted because of illegal substances.

Do I need a prescription to order from you?

No, it’s not always obligatory. You can still order our products. Make sure your pharmacy or doctor knows what you are ordering before they sign the prescription. If you are unsure, please contact your local doctor.

Can anyone buy from you?

Yes – but only registered customers may place orders with us and only registered customers have access to our online pharmacy.

How do I register?

To register with us, you need to be of legal age and provide your full name, address, country, and telephone number. Some of our products require a prescription from a doctor (it does not include recreational and some of the generic drugs) so it is up to you to check this before registering. Once registered, you will be able to place orders with us.

How can I pay you?

We are happy to accept all major credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. Alternatively, if you want to order online but do not have a credit card, you can still pay with a bank transfer or use our Bitcoin payment solution.

Is my data protected?

At Happy family store, we take data security very seriously. We are registered with the Data Protection Act (1998) and fully adhere to all principles of data protection while processing personal information. We ensure that all information submitted to us is treated with the same level of confidentiality and security as any financial transaction. This can be checked on our website by making an account. If you have any specific questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

Can I get an item faster?

If you require any of our products urgently or need a specific product that is not a normal part of our delivery schedule, please contact us, so we could discuss your requirements further. We also offer to upgrade your order to a faster shipping method. Please note that there is an extra cost for express shipping methods. If you are interested in this, please contact us, and we will be happy to quote you.