Accessibility Statement

We at Happy Family Pharmacy consider it very important to make websites accessible and want as many people as possible to be able to use this website. This is an integral part of our concept of service and social responsibility towards our web content and services users.

Please understand that our efforts are ongoing and evolving as our website evolves. It is true that not all of this website’s content is fully accessible. Please get in touch with us if you encounter any problems or if you believe that we are not following the rules on accessibility.

What is accessibility?

Accessibility means that the website is designed in such a way that it can be used by people with disabilities. Usage refers to the perception of information, navigation through the interface, and interaction with it.

Traditionally, the accessibility of websites and applications is spoken of in the context of their use by people with auditory, visual, speech, cognitive, neurological, and physical problems. However, we also realize that the accessibility of our pharmacy also benefits people without disabilities.

What to do if part of the site is not available to you?

If you need to access content that is not available to you, but not subject to the accessibility rules, please contact us via email and let us know:

  • web address (URL) of the content
  • your name and email
  • the format you need.


We will continue to invest our resources and efforts to provide a better interaction with our web resource. Even though our team has worked hard to make every page and piece of material on this website fully accessible, some of it might not yet be up to the highest standards of accessibility. This can be the result of failing to locate or recognize the most appropriate technological solution.